Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And a month later...

Well, it's almost a month since my last post, and I thought you might like an update:

Progress on the school club has been shot down as my contact got fobbed off by the Deputy Head. I intend to take direct action and contact the Head of English, especially as I've discovered they're studying Tolkein on the GCSE syllabus. However, it'd be rude to do so without first getting my contacts in the school to agree to the course of action, and they're still tied up with their exams, so I don't want to distract them just yet.

Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying to move forward my idea to start a club that's more than just a venue to play standard wargames. I'm keen to deconflict with the YWS so that we don't end up fighting for the same audience, so I've started The Holy Order of the Emperor (stupid name, but I was trying to come up with something that could encompass lots of systems, and there seems to be both an Emperor and a penchant for religious fanaticisim in a lot of systems).

The object is for the The Holy Order to be as much an on-line community as it is an actual gaming club, with a focus on the fringes of conventional gaming. To that end, it will focus on Kill Team, Border Patrol, Specialist Games and exploring new options for conventional games - whatever the players come up with: new armies (like Eldar Exodites or Warhammer Cathayans); new mechanics (alternating phases) or unusual environments (jungle fighting, Cityfight, boarding actions...).

There will also be a strong emphasis on the physical side of the hobby: i.e. models, painting and terrain.

If you read this and you're interested, email theholyorder@hotmail.co.uk.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple of buckshee days off owed to me and plan to pop into York and hand out flyers at GW - if they'll let me! Ask permission from the management before doing anything like this in your local Hobby Centre.