Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back in Business!

Never forgive, never forget, never surrender!!

The York Garrison has risen from the ashes of ignominious defeat to new life!

Well, almost. We're back. But we're smaller. Perhaps that was our mistake from the start. We thought we could be the Cadian 8th when in fact we were better suited to being the Tanith First. Small clubs are agile and responsive, able to take venue changes in their stride. They rely upon free or very cheap venues, low membership costs and a small but dedicated group of friends who can be relied upon to be regular attenders.

As we expanded before, we made the mistake of assuming that all of our members were as dedicated as we were and that they'd follow us loyally to a new venue and a new night. But we were wrong. And as our original membership slipped away, we failed to attract new members and gradually the club imploded.

Our new venue is small, simple and free. But it has the huge advantage that it is within easy striking distance of at least half of our first gang of members. And we've also moved our meeting night back to what it was before: Tuesday.

Here's a thing: Tuesdays are best. I don't know why, but they are. I think it's the mid-week effect. Wednesdays ought to be good, too, but with Heroes dominating the viewing schedule of geeks nationwide, that just isn't going to work right now. But having the meeting on a Tuesday gives people something to look forward to, even on dull and dreary Mondays.

We're still looking for a new venue. But at least now we can take our time and find one that suits us at a price we can afford. In the mean time, we can enjoy the hospitality of St Mary the Virgin, Strensall. Come along: Tuesdays, 7pm-10pm.